What Will I Find On This Blog?

What Will I Find On This Blog?

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hope For A Home..........

Oh my goodness, I just realized I haven't posted on this blog for nearly TWO months!! GEESH I am really slacking these days.  I am so sorry, forgive me?  Great!  Lets move on :).

I have been given some devastating news concerning our "fill in parents".  I call them this because we really have no contact with either of our parents at all and haven't for quite some time.  The two are truly a great blessing to us and our children.  My kids adore, and love these two kind souls and are out of the mind excited EVERY time we get to see them. These two have stepped up and have become not only parent figures in our lives but best friends.  They are the most genuine, loving, giving, warm, non judgmental, people I/we have EVER come across in our lives. I will tell you their story, however out of respect for them and their privacy I will change their names, I hope you understand.

John and Lisa have been married for over 30 years and have raised 8 amazing children. They have 10 grandchildren and have graciously adopted my family into their lives about 2 years ago. Which would bring the total up to 10 children, and 15 grandchildren.  When they first were married they took every dime they had and bought 7 precious acres of land and put a double wide mobile home on that land and have lived there and made it their home for the past 30 years.  They raised and loved each of those 8 children and all of those grandchildren in this home.  It really isn't much, but it is very cozy and holds so much love, and more memories than I can even begin to imagine.  Their children have grown to be great, contributing members of society and some of which have cute families of their own.  They are all very close to each other and get together as much as possible and always on Sunday for a huge buffet style day.  They put out a feast and everyone comes over to catch up, kids play, and people laughing.  

About 2 years ago John and Lisa, who both had worked and owned part of a family business was forced to leave.  The other members of the family got greedy, they had a falling out, and forced both John and Lisa to leave permanently and with NOTHING!  Now when I say nothing that is what I mean, absolutely not 2 pennies to rub together; nothing!  They are both very close to retirement age and no one wants to hire him. When he hits retirement age it will not be enough to sustain them month to month.  They still have 3 children at home one still in high school.  She has been able to find odds and ends to try and make ends meet and they fall short every month.  She has had her wages garnished relentlessly, and it makes it difficult to buy the necessities with the left overs.  Her 3 children work when they can find it and the gas money to get to and from and they give their paychecks to their parents to help.

 I don't delve too much into this painful situation and they themselves don't even know how, or why this really happened.  Sadly they are still reeling 2 years later about the shoulda, woulda, coulda's.  About 2-3 months after they were forced from their jobs and only income they were getting served with court papers, yes their family was suing them.  They made the difficult decision to refinance their home and property in hopes of hiring a lawyer, and fighting these suits.  This home had been paid off for a while and when they took this money it put immense financial strain on them.  They hired a lawyer and that took a huge chunk of money, the lawyer fell through and kept trying to get more, and more money, which they didn't have.  They lawyer left them high and dry and out all the money they had invested in him.  They were heart broken, and all had seemed lost at this point.  They took what they had left paid some of the law suits, bought some seeds and began growing a small garden to help them get food for not a lot of cost.

Today they are at risk of losing their home, their everything.  They are swimming in debt, and lawsuits, having any wage they earn taken.  They go months without propane to heat their water, so to bathe they heat water on their stove and take a quick washing that way.  Their roof is faltering, leaking, and shingles are pretty much non existent any more.  Because of this their 2nd bathroom has been left unusable from the water damage.  They cannot afford to buy clothes, shoes, and groceries are very limited.  They have had the same pair of jeans for years and Lisa just mends everything over again, and again, and even again. Their children, including us are doing what we can to help however we each have families and our own that we need to provide for as well. 

I don't want to see them lose their home, the place with all the memories and the place where everyone goes to have fun.  They will be homeless if this house is ever taken.  They will have no where to go or stay.  I want to help them SAVE this little piece of Heaven for them.  I want to help them have some place to call theirs, a place to put their feet up and call home.  We all know how important that is, and we all know how difficult life and this place can be.  Sadly these aren't the only ones who are losing their homes, memories, and little pieces of Heaven.  I want to help everyone, and I thought I could start with two people who I think deserve a break and some help right now in their lives.

So I'm sure you are thinking "I can't possibly help, I don't have that money laying around either." Or maybe even some of you thinking "Why should I help these people I don't even know?" 

Here are my answers; You don't need a lot of money to help just $1 is enough.  If we can reach 100,000 people and each of those people donate just $1 that really adds up!  If you share this with all of your friends and family, and they in turn share it with theirs and so on. We can reach 100,000 people, I know we can reach far more than that and help so many more families on our path to helping one at a time!  If you can't donate I understand, but could you please spare a quick moment to share this on your Facebook Timeline, Facebook Page, Blog, Pinterest, any where you can think of so that we may reach as many people as possible?

Why should you help a stranger?  Compassion, the satisfaction of knowing that you are making a difference in someones life.  Knowing that you are helping someone have a decent warm shower, or meal.  Knowing that if you lift this burden off of their shoulders that God or your divine being will bless you.  You will show kindness, and love just like He shows those to us daily.

I have set up an account through PayPal called Hope For Homes that will aid us in receiving and giving these donations to families. There is a DONATE button on this page under Hope For Homes.  You may click this and choose your donation amount.  Remember even $1 helps tremendously.
This is a non profit that I am starting EVERY last cent will be given to families in need.

Thank you for your time, and kindness. 



**Do you know a family in need like the one above?  Please let me know and I will do my best to get them the help they need as well!

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